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2.5 to 3.5 years

As children move into nursery they are well settled and are able to sit in a place and follow instructions. They start to express themselves through words and actions. At this stage it is important that your child gets the adequate inputs to build up requisite skills.

At Little Explorers we ensure a smooth transition to Nursery where the child gets deeper into the learning process and explores the concepts that were introduced in playgroup. Your child’s involvement increases with the teacher in a 2 way conversion which ensures that the child is grasping the activities and themes. Here the child gets prepared in Language skills, Writing skills, Mathematical ability, Dramatic play and Art and Craft. All the while we emphasize a balance between adequate outdoor play and indoor classwork. Outdoor play comes in different shades like free play and structured group play.

At the end of this stage your child is well prepared to move into the Kindergarten stages.

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